Thank You To Our Sponsors

Thank you,

To all the companies that made the decision to sponsor us for the upcoming season, we would like to humbly express our gratitude for your interest and support in BMWTrueNorth. It would be impossible for us to financially sustain the group events we organize every year without our sponsors support, and we recognize that for many companies today, it is difficult to give money to automotive clubs.

The Greater Toronto Area is booming in population as well as in automotive enthusiasts, and new car clubs and associations are forming on a regular basis. Due to this, the club scene in Toronto is very competitive, and where companies choose to invest their own advertising money by supporting a given club is an extremely difficult decision to make.

We aim to prove that our membership numbers and active participation within the Greater Toronto Area shows that investing in BMWTrueNorth was the right move. With over 12,800 members strong, and our participation in events almost on a weekly basis, we hope to expand people’s knowledge about your company and what you have to offer to the masses. We strongly believe we have filtered through hundreds of companies within Toronto to form a list of sponsored shops that hold their own craft in the highest regard, and can service our member’s needs to the fullest.

At the same time, we hope our members recognize the effort being taken by each company listed on our website to support us financially and constructively by offering discounts, detailed information on our cars in every aspect, places to host events, and much more. We thank you for investing your time and money for our members, and we hope our members can return the favour and come into your shops when they are in need.

We look forward to working with you in the upcoming season, and we are always available to discuss how you think we can help market your company to our members.

Kind regards,

Nick Maroulis

President of BMWTrueNorth