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Announcement from May 11, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 situation we are changing our mid-season meet to an online virtual Show and Shine event, with raffles prizes, and ending in a live video web chat where we can all announce the winners and prizes together. The event will happen in three stages outlined below, starting May 11th, and ending on May 28th.

People can either register for $5.00 to compete in their category, or they can register for $5.00 to receive 3 raffle tickets for our online raffle prizes. Winners will be chosen live on May 28th, everyone can join the video web chat.

Please see instructions below, and if you want to sign up you can do so at our e-store (link to e-store at top menu).

Stage 1 Registration: May 11th – 17th

– Visit our e-store and choose to sign up for the mid-season show and shine event. It only costs $5.00 (VIP members will get their entry fee reimbursed).
– There will be a list of categories you can choose from to compete in.
– When you sign up make sure to include at least one photo of your car, as well as a detailed description of your modifications.
– You have until May 17th to register for the show and shine.
– There will also be an option to buy raffle tickets (3 tickets for $5.00). Winners will also be chosen live on the May 28th video web chat. The option to buy raffle tickets will remain online until May 24th.

Stage 2 Public Online Voting: May 18th – 24th

– Visit our website’s main page on May 18th and you will find a link to all the categories and competitors.
– A picture of each person’s car as well as a description of their mods will be listed to help each person decide a winner.
– You will be able to vote once a day on every category until the voting closes on May 24th.
– Make sure to tell your friends to vote!

Stage 3 Live Online Web Chat with Winners Announced: May 28th

– On May 28th our website will post a link to join us live from BMW Parkview to announce the winners of each category.
– The live video web chat will start at 7pm on May 28th.
– Winners will be announced for the Show and Shine.
– Winners will be announced for the raffle prizes.
– Won prizes will be mailed out to each winner.

Common Questions and Answers:

How many categories can I register for?
– Each $5.00 registration is for one category. Choose wisely, or register multiple times if you want to take part in different categories

What do the winners get for the Show and Shine?
– We will not be handing out trophies. Trophies will only be done for our Season End Show and Shine in September. For this event every winner will get a swag bag from BMW which will include BMW merchandise. Value of each package approx. $100.00
– You also get bragging rights as we will keep the results online on our website.

How many entries per category?
– We will try to limit it to 10-15 entries per category.
– Minimum of 2 entries per category is necessary, otherwise the category will be removed, and people will be refunded.

What if I cant join the online video web chat?
– All winners will be posted on our website on May 29th for people to see. It will remain on the website for the foreseeable future.

How do I know if my raffle tickets are in the draw?
– When someone orders raffle tickets online, you will get a confirmation they have been received and it will automatically produce three tickets that are printed out for us to use on the day of the raffle.
– The raffle winners will be chosen live on May 28th for everyone to see via the video web chat.
– Make sure to include your delivery address when you purchase raffle tickets so we know where to deliver the prizes.

Can sponsors take part in the event?
– Instead of providing tents at the event for sponsors to showcase their services/parts, any sponsors that want to take part in the live video web cast can let Nick Maroulis know via or via facebook, and we will have the option for you to speak to everyone live on the video web chat. You can also broadcast live from your shop if you want to show people what you have to offer.
– sponsors can also provide prizes for the raffle, and choose the winners on May 28th. Please contact Nick for more info.

Each Winner Receives $100.00+ BMW Merchandise

– Best E46 (M and Non/M)
– Best E90/E92
– Best E90/E92 M3
– Best F30
– Best F32/F33
– Best F80/F82
– Best E Series
– Best F Series
– Best G Series
– Best Bike
– Best Classic (Any model BMW produced before 1990)
– Best Luxury
– Best Stance
– Best Wheels
– Best Track Ready
– Best Removable Paint/Car Wrap

– Raffle Prizes to be won to anyone that bought Raffle Tickets
– BMW Bags, hats, accessories, etc.