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April 19th Season Open Meet Review + Video + Photos

Announcement from Apr 27, 2015

Our 2015 Season Open BBQ Meet, and first official meet of BMWTrueNorth and MBTrueNorth coming together under one event went down on April 19th 2015. We want to thank Eurocharged Canada who is not only one of our sponsors for 2015, but also hosted this event for us. Their staff spent the week leading up to this event tiding up the shop and preparing for an amazing turnout at their doorsteps.

While we were happy to see that it would not rain on Sunday, the weather was not completely in our favor. Strong winds made it difficult for us to set up properly, and that struggle was shared by our sponsors that came at 10:00am to arrange their own areas. While our staff tried to find a place to tie down our own tent, we could see at the corner of our eye SimplyTire’s area tumbling over due to the wind. Eventually, we all used the resources around us to hold the fort down, and it didn’t stop people from coming either. Though the start time was 11:00am, we had people coming in at 10:30am, and by 11:30am we had filled the entire area, plus the adjacent lot!

We want to thank all our sponsors that came out on Sunday and bared the windy weather with us. We also want to thank all our club members that came out in full force to enjoy they day with fellow BMW and MB enthusiasts. We have a short video below, plus some highlighted images. Don’t forget to check out our full photo album by clicking on the image at the bottom of the page. Our next major event is on May 24th at Pfaff BMW. See you all there!!

Season Open BMWTrueNorth Video:

Inside Eurocharged Canada, the scene was always packed with people taking a look at their new shop, and current projects. We ended the day inside with our raffle announcement prizes, which included authentic BMW sunglasses, Mercedes-Benz swag, and the grand prize of a free tune courtesy of Eurocharged Canada.


This aerial photo taken at approximately 2:30pm tells the tale pretty clearly, and this was near the end of the show. We counted over 400+ cars from the drone shots. We can only imagine what the attendance was in the morning when the entire area was jammed to capacity.


Signature Motor Car Inc. was kind enough to bring several supercars to our meet, including a beautiful Huracan Lamborghini, and this sexy white i8 with custom wheels to match.


If one i8 was not enough, our sponsor GetDetailed also brought one of their clients i8 for us all to enjoy.


Our beautiful BMWTrueNorth models Bree, Jolanta, and Rachael were on scene to take photos with our sponsor and club member cars. Huge respect to these ladies for braving the windy/cold weather which resulted in many amazing photos. They are also holding our Charity Bracelets that we are selling at every major event this season. Collect all 4 bracelets, and enter to win our grand prize of an all-inclusive trip for two, valued at over $5,000.00 !!


BMW guys are so smart….what better way to get the ladies in your car other than to show up with a red convertible M3 and a huge BMW flag. Well played sir, well played.


One of the most out-there new wrap jobs was our fellow member’s LV wrap on his E92. The wrap sure got people talking about it all day long. We love it when people aren’t afraid to try something new.


Sometimes, our own photographers can’t catch all the eye candy at our event when the turnout is so big. Thankfully fellow club member, friend, and photographer Derek Bartolo was on site and captured this beautiful Z8 in all its glory. Special thanks to our sponsors Elite Custom Car Storage for coming out and bringing this beauty for us to enjoy!!



Mr. Karim showed up with his sexy Lamborghini. We always welcome our guests/friends to our events, but the stealing of our models needs to stop 😉


Walking around the complex and into the adjacent huge lot that was also full with BMW’s, we couldn’t help fall in love with these classic examples of BMW perfection. Truly drool worthy.


Our sponsors YST Tuning came in full force with a tuned GTR, Lotus, and this beautiful M3 that had an exhaust note that would wake up our Bavarian cousins all the way in Germany.


We must admit, we are suckers for a hot girl with a ghetto blaster. This retro look of our fellow members E30 never gets old.


For over 170 images from our Season Open BBQ Meet, click the link below and check out the full gallery on Flickr!