Facebook Group Guidelines

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  1. Always show respect to fellow members
    All members should show a level of respect to one another. You don’t have to agree on everything but no debates should escalate to an unnecessary level of direct personal attacks. This isn’t an elementary school yard playground. We also expect members to keep in mind that it is the Internet and things like sarcasm and tone are often lost and comments don’t necessary come across as intended.
  2. Posts requesting help
    The group has many members and of varying degrees of automotive knowledge. Everyone started from somewhere and hopefully this group helps those that want to learn. However, before posting a request for help we encourage people to try and learn more about their cars first through their user manuals or searching forums as the answers to a lot of the common questions have been well documented already. If you’re looking for a business to help with something then the sponsors list would be a good starting point. Posts asking for help in non-automotive matters are fine as well. The exception are posts asking for help on how to fight a speeding ticket or other traffic violations. It is better to seek legal advice from a professional or other avenues in those situations.
  3. Off topic / “No value” posts
    We want a fun atmosphere as well as being a source of general news that might be of interest to the group. Occasional confounding / funny posts are fine but just remember this isn’t 9gag so keep it within reason. There are certain posts that are considered “no value” to the community. Posts that are political, religious, racial, contain nudity, or bashing¬†non-BMW brands don’t really bring much value to the group and will be removed. Posts about bad parking jobs or solely to criticize a random stranger’s mods will also be removed. People can spend their money how they wish. We’re not sure why people get upset at how others spend their money.
  4. For sale posts
    Members can post up private items for sale. Keep the items BMW / automotive related as much as possible. Don’t crap on or hijack people’s ‘For Sale’ posts. If you want to help the OP with their pricing then feel free to do so via PM. In the end all goods are worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. On that note, we expect buyers to do sufficient research about fitment and pricing. We are aware that some businesses have tried to bypass supporting the group by masking behind ‘For Sale’ posts to selling their goods. Such posts and corresponding members will be removed when identified.
  5. Advertising / Soliciting
    If you are looking to post in the group to advertise a service / product that you offer we kindly ask that you first contact an administrator. Failure to do so while not being a sponsoring business can result in your posts being deleted.
  6. Trolling
    We don’t mind debates and we get that people are passionate about things. However, if your intent is to purposely troll members of the group any chance you get for your own entertainment then you will be removed from the group. If the post is not relevant to you then feel free to keep scrolling. Facebook also has the ability for you to block members to further filter content you don’t feel appeals to you.
  7. Moderating the group
    We try our best to keep the group in line with these guidelines but we cannot be monitoring the group 24/7. If you feel there are posts that an administrator should be looking at feel free to report it or message us about it. This group is also YOUR group and we know a lot of the members get what we’re about and the type of group we want to have.
  8. Adding members
    Members are welcome to recommend people to be added to the group. However we ask that you consider the following when recommending someone:

    • Should be located in Canada as we want to keep the group Canadian focused.
    • Owns a BMW or at least respects the brand. There are plenty of other groups for fans of other brands and we are not a general enthusiast group.
    • Isn’t going to be an issue with respect to the previous points of the guideline.