Gallery – 2013

2013-10: Season End Meet

On September 27th the group came out (even though its was a chilly day) for one last meet before the end of the season. Coffee on behalf of the club was served to its members with sweets. [Full Album]
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2013-10: Muskoka Fall Cruise

On September 20th BWMTrueNorth did a cruise up to Muskoka to enjoy the fall colors and have a group photoshoot and lunch to end the day. [Full Album]
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2013-08: Harbourfront Meet

on August 2013 BMWTrueNorth organized a BBQ meet along lakeshore, then we cruised to the Water Treatment Facility for a photoshoot. [Full Album]
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2013-08: Penn Mountain Run

On August 29th 2013, a few of our members took a cruise south of the border to Penn State to check out the Mountain Routes. Epic cruise event. [Full Album]
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2013-08: GotAss Car Wash

We decided to check out the GotAss Car Wash….an boy was it busy…… [Full Album]
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2013-08: Bimmercruise

On August 25th 2013 we participated in the yearly Bimmercruise event [Full Album]
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2013-08: Heartland Meets

Every week it has become tradition to meet at Heartland at around 8:30pm next to the ScotiaBank. This is one of our meets in 2013. [Full Album]
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2013-08: SaturnsDrives Jets+Exotics Event

On Aug 5th 2013 Saturns Drives organized a private event at a private hangar in Pearson Airport for his club, and we were invited to tag along. [Full Album]
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2013-06: BMWTN+StreetXtreme Show&Shine Event

On June 23rd 2013, StreetXtreme Automotive held our first annual Show+Shine Event with Raffle Prizes. One of the hottest days of the summer, people came out to represent! It was a great time. [Full Album]
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2013-02: Winter Meet

On Feb 20th 2013 the crazies of the group decided to meet in the parking lot of Don Mills – it was freezing, but people still showed!! This is Canada 😉 [Full Album]
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