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Welcome to Our New Website

Announcement from Feb 17, 2015

Welcome to BMW True North’s official website.  We put this site together in response to the many requests we’ve received from people who want to participate in the group but do no use Facebook. Make sure to read this full article for a short walk through on all the features our website has to offer.




Event Bulletin Board: We post the latest upcoming events in the event bulletin board. Clicking on an event will take you to a dedicated page on that particular event with all the details on the event.

Latest News: This section includes articles on recent events that the club hosted or took part in. We will also be doing “Sponsor Spotlight” articles where we visit our sponsors location, take photographs and video of what they do, and what they can offer to the group.

Calender: On the top left hand side you will see a calender. Event dates will be highlighted, and you can click on them to get more information.

Newsletter sign-up: Make sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter. In the newsletter you will be informed about the coming months events, sponsorship discounts, and any other news relevant to the club. This is ideal for people that don’t go on facebook, but want to keep up to speed with what the club is doing.

Charity Button: Click on the charity button to go the dedicated page about our 2015 Charity Drive, how you can participate, and how you can enter the grand prize raffle at the year end Show&Shine Event worth several thousands of dollars!

Sponsors: A list of icons down the left hand side of the page shows our complete 2015 sponsors. Click on an icon to be directed to their website.

Forums: The three forums our members are active on are listed on the bottom of the left column. Click on a forum icon to be directed to their main page.

Social Media Links: At the bottom right corner of each page you will see little square icons which directly link to our social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Flickr.



Welcome Letter: Please check out our welcome letter to you from the president of our club.

2015 Board of Directors: A list of our staff directors and how to get in contact with them. You can also message them on facebook, or send them an email.

2015 Ambassadors: Coming soon, a list of our volunteers for the 2015 season.



We have an e-store online now that can manage all your BMWTrueNorth merchandise needs. Please help support the club by purchasing our merchandise. A percentage of all items sold also goes to our charity. More merchandise will be added soon.



Organized by year, we have put together galleries of images taken at the majority of our major events. Don’t forget to click on the “See Full Gallery” option which will direct you to the full gallery on Flickr.



Similar to the Gallery section, we have documented all the videos we have put together from each season. If you have a video about our club, let us know, and we will add it to our website archives! All videos are linked from our Youtube account.



Overview: A short outline on the benefits of being a sponsor. This informs potential sponsors of the benefits of being affiliated with the club.

2015 Sponsors: Detailed outline of our sponsors. All contact information, website links, emails, phone numbers, and addresses have been noted. This is meant as a quick resource reference when club members are looking for particular shops. We encourage our members to contact our supporting sponsors within our community. With everyone supporting each other we become stronger as a group.

Thank you Letter: We outline our gratitude to our sponsors that have opted to support the club for the 2015 season.

Become a Sponsor: Online application to become a sponsor.



Overview: A detailed overview of the charity we are supporting for the 2015 season, and how the charity will function. Don’t forget to look over how you enter into a raffle with a grand prize that is worth thousands!

Donate: A link which takes you to a paypal donation page to help support our 2015 Charity.



Here you can send us an email on any general inquiries you may have about the club.



This area is password protected. An outline of membership benefits is listed which is accessible to members only. Access to this portion of the website will be distributed to our members soon.