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Private Event at Elite Custom Storage & Transport

Announcement from Nov 10, 2015

As the weather has begun to change calling for the end of the season, we often turn to our sponsors with adequate interior space to see if they are willing to host a meet for our club members before we put our cars away for the winter, or swap over those ugly winter rims and fat tires. This year Elite Custom Storage & Transport welcomed us to their secure facility for one last BBQ meet of the year.




Often people outside of the club ask why we engaged a Vehicular Storage facility, as many of our club members either drive or store their cars away for the winter. However, what we have seen is club members using Elite for car storage, and even more so using them for transport. In addition, Elite is a good example of what we believe to be successful marketing through exposure. By having them out at our events and supporting our club members, in turn they have garnered business from fellow car enthusiasts.




We want to thank Sean Hugh and his wife for taking the time to host this event for us, and for contributing a prize to our raffle for a canvas print of our club member’s car at the photoshoot session also occurring at the event. Sean also went out of his way to get catered food for everyone, hire our guys from Feedback Services to spin music for us all day, and call in their staff to help facilitate everything in an organized manner. We truly enjoyed our time there, and loved the new renovations to their complex.




We look forward to having them as a sponsor once again next year, as we hear their services will expand to provide tire storage at $75.00 a set (they come pick them up and drop them off at your house), and a car detailing servicing area within their building. Even more reasons that they are a great fit for our club.





We also want to take the time to thank our BMWTN model Whitney Cole that handled the private photoshoot all day long on her own. In the last hours leading up to the event we decided with Elite to have a private photoshoot session with one of our models in a secure area of the complex if they donated to our charity. That meant we needed to find a model quickly. Whitney is always a busy lady, so we really appreciate the time and effort she took to re-juggle her schedule and work the photoshoot on her own.

Thank you to all our club members that came out and enjoyed their day with us. We will see you again for the upcoming Christmas toy drive!!

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