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Season Open Meet Featured on Various Blogs!!

Announcement from Apr 25, 2015

Our first BMWTrueNorth & MBTrueNorth season open meet went into the history books this past Sunday April 19th, and from our aerial shot taken at around 2:30pm, we had over 400 cars in attendance.  Including within our guests were some fantastic bloggers that challenged the windy weather head on, and focused their lenses on the beauties that rolled in to represent our clubs.

Click the Images Below to go the the noted bloggers website for their full article/review.

We want to thank them for coming out to our event!! Respect to you all, we love reading reviews, and checking out bloggers websites. It allows us to learn about these websites as well. The car culture in Toronto is happily thriving.

AutoMotoFoto who has supported us from day one was on hand for our Season Opener:


ScrapedCrusaders came to our event to check the down-low, and found some “items” worth noting:


OppositeLock on Jalopnik took their first look at Mike’s LV E92, read their article to see if it was love at first sight:


StanceIsEverything got a first feel of our club, and the ever-growing Eurocharged Canada:


Was there a blog/review that we missed? Let us know about it at and we would love to check it out and add it to this page 🙂